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Originally Posted by ColdFyre View Post
I've read several posts both here and on the VWB forums about how "less is more" and how easy it is to oversmoke your food (especially chicken). Even heard a podcast from Harry Soo about how he won chicken comps not using any wood in a WSM.

How does the 'less is more' theory apply to stick burners who do nothing BUT smoke?

My guess is that's the main reason things get wrapped... but how about chicken thighs? Those don't typically get wrapped, do they?

Personally, I love the smoke flavor. I've tried none, less, medium and more. Seems like when I use 'medium' (4 chunks for a brisket), there is no where near enough smoke flavor (I prefer oak for my brisket).
Here's another point of view...

Any manufacturer of charcoal is only a further processed form of wood... known as char. That reference by Harry Soo was using a form of charcoal.

Stickburners use massive amounts of air to keep the stick-fueled fires hot and clean to achieve the Thin Blue Smoke.

Now here's the ironic part... back in 2011 at the Pork in the Park comp in - Salisbury MD, a borrowed Lang 60 offset (stickburner) was burning Kingsford (blue bag) with wood chunks - finished 3rd in brisket (and placed better than Tuffy Stone in brisket).

Have cooked brisket on my stickburner only, on the WSM alone, and have had two pits lit for one brisket.

Chicken has been done over charcoal for only the last 100 or so years... so it does deduce the resulting conclusion - cooking with sticks since the beginning of mankind.

As the old saying goes... there's more than one way.
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