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Originally Posted by bluzieq View Post
I have a real question to be answered honestly, most comps have a backyard division. I do not feel I'm ready to compete against the big teams, they have paid their dues spent more time/money,etc.. My Q is really good, I'm not an inexperienced cook But am new to comps. ... Are we "in the way" at comps or do or will we be looked down on? I've spent money on smokers,banners,team logo, T-shirts but I really just want to cook and enjoy hanging out with other BBQ nuts like me. If ya are like me,hanging out by the smokers is the place I'm honestly the most de-stressed . Thanks for this great forum!!
Don't let your BBQ fool you. When We started off, we placed here and there in big cookoffs and occasionally got a top 3 with only a traeger 075 with 2 coolers on the back of my truck, sleeping in the back seat. Beat lots of teams with $50k setups. Nobody should ever look down on a beginner at comps. It's the Indian not the arrow! Good luck on your future cooks, don't be scared to jump in with the big dogs, they are just people. There was this team at the last cookoff that had this big gooseneck trailer with custom stainless pits and countertops, huge Lounge area and there was a sticker on the front that said "the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys." We'll this boy didnt have any problem putting their money in my pocket! it's all about having fun and building friendships amongst brothers in smoke.
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