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I was nervous as all heck in my first competition and worried that I would be in the way. The brethren were more than helpful and in one short year have welcomed me in with open arms. Plus, we have had a least one walk in every comp - so trust yourself. I was flawed when we took a first place. I might try to come off as belonging, but believe me when I was shocked to hear our name called given the amount of respect I have for the teams that have been doing this for some time.

I look back at that first competition and it was like walking uninvited to a party, making small talk at first, only to walk away looking forward to the next event.

Now I can't wait for that first break after setting up and settling in when we stroll through the grounds saying hello to familiar faces, making some new friends and generally yukking it up and busting balls (and getting our stones busted as well).
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