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Default Start of today's pRon...

We finally caught a break from mother nature and had a nice day. By nice I mean sunny and 50*. Yesterday I shoveled snow off the deck so I could fire up the UDS today and have a dry place to work. And what a day it is! I just got finished with the best ribs I ever made, using the 3-2-1 (.5) method. Coated the ribs with dijon mustard, rubbed with a homemade version of Emril's Bayou Blast, foiled with a brush-on mixture of warm water and agave nectar, and finished them with Cajohns applewood spiced rum q-sauce. I also did up some shrimp brushed with evoo and sprinkled with some GrillMates brown sugar bourbon rub I picked up at Sam's Club last week. Washed it all down with some cheap cold beer, and I am in heaven.(or as close as I'll ever be). I still have an Italian sausage fatty and a big chuckie on the smoker for later. Fatty will be used for goulash, and the chuckie for sammies tomorrow. Thanks to everybody for sharing your secrets and letting us noobs have some fun.

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