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Originally Posted by Vision View Post
They're flavorless, cooked at any temp, which is why the santa maria style was attempt to give them flavor. But if it floats your boat, great.
Really? You mean the stick the meat, seasoned with some salt & pepper, on a spit over an open fire of coastal oak? That's all Santa Maria style is.

Or are you saying, if you season the meat, that means the meat is actually tasteless? (Do you use seasonings on any of your meats before you cook it?) Seems to me virually everyone on here uses some kind rub, marinade or injection. Then most also add wood chunks to their fire to add flavor. And finally most add some kind of sauce to the meat once it's ready. Does this mean we're all simply masking the fact that we actually cooked flavorless meat?

I'm not trying to argue with you but please do us a flavor and further explain your thoughts.
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