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I use about half a chimney of lump or charcoal and use the Minion method of filling the basket. I use more wood probably than most about 5-6 fist size chunks. Light chimney let everything turn white and dump in the center of the basket. If Im cooking at 275 I start with all vents open and at 235 close one 255 close another. I then have two valves to control from there. I usually have both open all the way for 275. Valves are 3/4", black pipes are 3/4" 4 total. Look up the Minion method on the net, it changed everything for my UDS. I also use a perforated pizza pan on top of the basket it really helped even out the heat in the smoker. It still has the pit flavor the UDS are known for despite what people say. BTW I had the same thermometer as you have, you need to get it to the center of the grill for a better reading. The way you have that stuck in there your temps will be off by about 20* from my experience . Hope this helps
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