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Talking Shrimps and Scallops on the Barbie!

So yesterday (March 28th) was my son's 22nd birthday. Me and deguerre asked him what he wanted us to cook him for his birthday. He was looking through all the pix of my past cooks and really wanted seafood and grilled mushrooms. Okay, so Guerry goes to our new Kroger and brings home a big bag of Texas Gulf shrimp and some good sized sea scallops from the seafood counter, some medium sized bellas and fresh asparagus. I made up some marinade for the shrimp and scallops using EVOO, salt, white pepper, Mexican paprika and lemon juice.

And the bellas marinating in balsamic vinegar and EVOO

Shawn got to open his presents while the kettle was getting up to temp.

It's called, and I chit you not, Hotas X Thrustmaster. All three of us get a good gut laugh out of that but it really did have the best reviews. And Guerry got him this, it also had the best reviews of what Shawn has asked for and come to find out, Guerry's dad flew the aircraft on the cover pic in 1943...I call that win/win...Guerry might disappear now and then though.

And now it was time to throw those scallops and shrimps on the barbie. We don't have any grill shots, everything was done hot and fast and it took all three of us to get everything done and in and still hot.
Woo, look at those shrimp!!!!

And scallops...

And bellas...

And here's Shawn's plate with his "other" birthday request, a little Agave.

And just the plate...Shawn said he had a serious mouthgasm while eating this. He cleaned his plate needless to say. Me and deguerry didn't so somebody else got to reap the benefits!

All in all, we had a great day, awesome food, fun and family time, all of us working together on the cook.

Thanks for looking!!!
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