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Default Plans for Smoking Elk

We have late season elk in wyoming (ends jan 31) and this year I was lucky enough to bring down a very large cow. I kept one of the hams whole (removed from bone) for smoking, and the weather is finally going to be above 15 degrees, so I figure it's a perfect time to wheel out the smoker and Smoke a portion of this elk. Would love to hear thoughts/suggestions.

Planning on doing a dry rub with salt, pepper and garlic, Possibly some chugwater chili rub (link). I'll wrap in bacon to try and avoid drying out, and possibly spray with apple juice. Planning to cook at ~220-225 until internal temp of 140 then let it sit for 15 mins or so before digging in.
I'll be using kingsford charcoal (I know, I know, but it's the last bag I've got) and apple chips for smoking in a UDS.

Was thinking about a liquid pan filled with beer, but not sure yet - thoughts? If this works out well, I've also got quite a few deer roasts that I can smoke too.
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