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Thanks for the help/suggestions all, I appreciate it. I'll look into that Java PID library.

Originally Posted by HogFan View Post
I don't recall what pit you are using, a UDS?

It does appear the fan is way too big. I would get a smaller one but if you opt to throttle it down, do so on the inlet side of the fan, not the exit.

What tuning parameters are you using for the 3 PID parameters?
The current PID settings I'm using are 5, 0.02, and 0. I stole those from an Arduino project (similar to the HeaterMeter). I'm using this on a 30-gallon UDS.

Weather permitting I plan on running some more tests this weekend with the blower turned down and a choke on the air intake. In the meantime I'm continuing to update the software. I've added a web server so the smoker can be monitored outside of bluetooth range. This will require that you have WiFi. My plan is to use my old Droid as a dedicated ATC for my smoker.

moontz has helped me out a little bit with the graphing library. If there's interest I could add some sort of interface to work with moontz's android app.
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