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Got a call one day saying do you sell lids for your smokers? I said yes but tell me more. He said at a big family gathering, he was ready to fire it up and forgot my chimney instructions. So he put some lighter fluid in the box and went to look for a light. His uncle came around wanting dinner so he poured some fluid on the coals and he too went for a match. Well along came the uncle's friend. which you guessed it poured more fluid in, lit the coals and put the lid on fast. Well a few seconds later KABOOOM and off to the roof went the lid. Back to the caller, he keeps saying do you sell lids only? By now I'm laughing pretty hard and said if you promise never to tell me a story like that, I'll give you a replacement lid. Moral of story, lighter fluid is good for stories, not cooking. Buy a chimney at HD(not galvanized) and use often. Steve.
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