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While this is an excerpt from my company's catering contract....the protections are pretty broad...feel free to cut an paste what's useful. 1. Contract Price. The Contract price shall be based upon the price per person and other charges stated in this contract. The Patron agrees to pay a minimum Contract price for the number of guaranteed persons stated in this Contract which amount shall be due regardless of the number of actual persons attending the function. In the event that the actual number of persons attending the function is greater than the minimum number guaranteed by the patron, the Contract price shall be increased accordingly. The patron shall inform the caterer as to the exact number of persons attending the function no later than seven (7) days prior to the date of the function. During your function a count of number of guests will be taken, if additional guests are in attendance, you will be charged at the contract price per person.

2. Deposit and Payment Terms. At the time this Contract is signed by the parties, the Patron agrees to pay the Caterer an initial non-refundable deposit in the amount stated on the front page of this Contract of thirty three (33%). The Patron agrees to pay sixty-six (66%) per cent no later than thirty (30) days prior to the function date and to pay ninety (90%) per cent of the Contract price less any deposits previously paid to the Caterer, no later than 10 days (10) prior to the function date. The balance of the Contract price is due, and payable upon such time that services are rendered.

3. Additional Charges. The Caterer reserves the right to make reasonable additional charges for functions extending beyond the time agreed upon in this Contract. Such additional charges are to be paid in full immediately upon conclusion of the function.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations. The Patron agrees to conform to all of the rules and regulations of the facility in which the function is held as well as all local, state and federal laws and regulations which may be applicable to this function.

5. No Alcohol to Minors. The Patron Acknowledges that state law prohibits the sale, or service of alcoholic beverages to, or the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors. The Patron agrees that in the event any minors are present at the function, the Patron shall designate, a special adult committee to supervise the minors and hereby guarantees to the Caterer that no alcoholic beverages will be sold or served to, or consumed by such minors.

6. Menu Substitutions. The caterer shall have the right to make substitutions in the menu without the prior consent of the Patron for any item or items which shall not be reasonably and readily obtainable in the open market.

7. Failure to Perform Contract. The Caterer shall not be liable for the failure to perform this Contract due to delays, strikes, storms, accidents or other causes beyond its control or for its inability to perform this Contract because of any assertion of rights by the facility, which reasonably prevents the Caterer from all or part performance.

8. Cancellation by Patron – Damages. Because the actual damages that the Caterer would sustain if the Patron cancelled this Contract are uncertain and would be difficult to ascertain accurately, the Patron and the Caterer agree in good faith to estimate, in advance, the amount of damages that cancellation by the Patron is likely to cause the Caterer. When this Contract is signed and the function date is specified, it is necessary for the Caterer to reserve the function date, reserve staff personnel, arrange for necessary equipment, order food and supplies and incur other obligations which are necessary for the successful completion of the services of this Contract. Consequently if the Patron cancels this Contract for any reason, within sixty (60) days of the function date, the Patron agrees to pay and the Caterer agrees to accept fifty (50%) per cent of the Contract price, based upon the minimum number of guaranteed persons, as reasonable and just compensation for the damages sustained by the Caterer. If the Contract is cancelled by the Patron at any other time, the Patron and the Caterer agree that the initial non-refundable deposit stated on the front page of this Contract shall be reasonable and just compensation to the Caterer for the damages it sustains.

10. Acceptance of Contract. This Contract shall not be valid or enforceable unless approved and
accepted by the caterer in writing.

11. Collection Costs. If it is necessary to refer this Contract to an attorney or agency for collection, the Patron
shall be responsible for any and all collection costs, including attorney’s fees in the amount of $175.00 per
hour, reasonable collection agency fees, court costs, interest and administration expenses incurred by the Caterer to enforce the provisions of this Contract. All such costs shall be due regardless of whether a lawsuit is instituted to enforce this Contract. The signer of this Contract agrees to be held personally responsible for payment of all amounts due. If the Patron is a corporation, unincorporated association, partnership or other legal entity, this agreement shall be binding on such legal entity as well as on the individual executing it on its behalf, and each shall be jointly and solely liable here under.

12. Partial Invalidity. If any provisions of this Contract is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be
legally invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall not be impaired or affected in any way and shall remain in full effect as if this Contract had been executed without the invalid provisions.

13. Patron will take good care of the fixtures, furnishings, real and personal property in the premises. Patron
assumes responsibility for any damage to such property that may be caused by it, its members, employees,
guests or invitees.

14. This Contract is not transferable by the Patron without the written consent of the Caterer.

15. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No oral modification thereof shall be
Valid or of any force or effect.
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