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Originally Posted by NCoonis View Post
Thanks dwfisk! I appreciate your compliments. I couldn't really find any upright offset drum smokers anywhere so I thought I'd try one. Maybe there's a reason why I couldn't find another on like it! Haha!!

I think you're right about the airflow, definitely the exhaust. I think I'll start with new gauges, then more exhaust and see what happens from there. Two bad those 3/4" ball valves are like 14$ each!
I clarified a little on my earlier response. If I read your original post correctly and you are keeping your existing 2" closed when cooking then you are getting zero air flow. Thats an easy fix, open the exhaust wide open and control airflow with your inlets. I'm certainly not a UDS expert, don't even have one (yet) but you might be OK with 4@3/4" inlets, ball valves on a couple and just let the other two run wide open with no valves.
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