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Nice looking build, it's kind of an offset-UDS. First step is definetly a couple new thermometers to find out whats going on in the cook chamber.

I'm thinking you might also have an air flow problem thats limiting your fire. Four 3/4 inch inlets only gives you about 4.7 square inches inlet and the 2 inch outlet only gives you about 3.1 square inches out. My gut says thats too small for an offset but there are lots of UDS builds with about the same; difference is the fire is in the UDS, not offset. I've never used one but maybe one of those BBQ Guru things with a blower would let you improve air flow without cutting more or larger inlets and exhaust. Let us know how it turns out.

PS: did you say you keep the exhaust closed when cooking? I would think you need at least the 2" open to get proper draft & larger might work better.
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