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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
Just from the looks of the meat I would say you are hotter than 150.

I would take your thermometer off and test in a pan of boiling water, should be close to 212f depending on your elevation, then also try in a glass of ice water, should get close to 32f (if it goes that low)

At least you will know whats up with the thermo

The location of the thermo might not be any good either

If the thermo checks out, I would just set it on your cooking grate and fire it up, see what it reads then
Good call! Will try tonight. Also I think youre right about the location, I just thought about it and the temp gauge only has about a 2" probe on it and my door is curved with a radius. So basically the probe isn't really even getting into the chamber much at all. Bad design.
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