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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC
TK, mine seems to come from the rubs I cake on top getting steamed in the foil and probably some spraying also.
Me too, I reminded of this each time I do briskets, as I did last weekend. Here is how it goes:
  1. Start cooking the thing with a HEAVILY rubbed brisket that has been rubbed for a few hours or overnight
  2. Cook 5 ish hours and start getting impatient, intenral temps ~155-160
  3. At 5 30-ish hours, get really impatient and foil the damn things and put them in a hotter oven to finish cooking
  4. Remove, unrap, and enjoy a good brisket, with a mushy bark. :(
I always foil, and the 'bark' is always mushy. I have told myself, on my last 3 briskets, I WILL NOT FOIL THIS TIME. I always give in.

I think my mushy bark comes from the foil obviously, but also the fact that i really cake on the rub, too much I am sure. Interstingly, the bark on a butt prepared the same way is rarely mushy. this is almost certainly due to the sugar in my typical but rub. No sugar on the brisket...

So... next time ... I am going to NOT FOIL. i am also going to change up my brisket rub, and introduce ...sugar(gasp) to it.

next time...
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