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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
oh ok so it uses wood? I dont see any good pics of it, I cant get videos on my work pc. Are there pics of it on their website?

I saw an auger in your pics so I figured that was for pellets

The auger looking thing you saw is actually a fire poker. I'm currently doing a dry run on it. So far what I have noticed is that it got up to temp really fast, only 15 minutes. The other thing I have noticed is that initially it took a good bit of wood. I think that was to get a good coal bed. Now after an hour or so, its taking about two chunks of wood every 30 minutes. Its empty except for temp probes and the temps are varying between 240 and 260 and they are even top to bottom, which I didn't expect since the hot air is drawn in to the bottom of the cook box.

I'll put up some pictures soon of this dry run. I'll also put up a video showing how it works.
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