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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
If you are sure it is fault of probes, I can send you probe.
The probe can withstand 450+ F.
Someone also burnt the probe as he put probe in smoker and used manual mode.
When manual mode, with a 50 CFM fan, the pit can easily reaches to 600F.
Tiger is as simple as DOG to program.
Say, you want to keep pit at 225F, and meat at 140F,
just set this way:
SC1=225 (F)
TC1=9999 (minute)
Al1=215 (low temp alarm)
AH1=235 (high temp alarm)
SC2=0 (disable other temperature stages)
P1=140 (F)
T1=9999( minute)
P2= 140 (F)
P3=225 (F)

you want to keep pit at 180F for 2 hours, and then rises to 225F, meat at 140F for 3 hours, and then lower to 120 F as keeping temp.
just set this way:
TC1=120 (minute)
Al1=170(low temp alarm)
AH1=190 (high temp alarm)
TC2=9999 (minute)
Al2=215(low temp alarm)
AH2=235 (high temp alarm)

P1=140 (F)
T1=180( minute)
P2= 120 (F)
P3=225 (F)

Now there is special mailing service between China and U.S., Australia, and U.K. which usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. If you live in Los Angeles, Sydney, London, it may take 1 week. If you live in remote island, it may take 2 or even 3 weeks
Thank you for all that information. By the way I emailed pictures to you as requested, but have not received a reply. I live in Elk Grove, California. which is in Sacramento County.

Sacramento is the Capitol City of California, so its definitely not a island, but I can still hardly understand how Sacramento ever got to be the Capitol. Sacramento is probably the worst place for a State Capital in the entire U.S..

Please reply to my email so I know you received it and what you think.
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