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Originally Posted by Nugetsius View Post
That is a good point. The reality of it is, that this is its own cooker. I think the best comparison would be that it is a stick burner (no charcoal, no pellets) that works like a pellet cooker (forced draft, thermostat controlled). My personal thoughts on all cookers is that a pellet cooker is hard to beat. It has a perfect fire triangle, needs no tending, and temp is perfectly controlled. The one downfall of a pellet cooker is that it needs no tending, and that is part of smoking to me. I like playing with fire. Even with my BWS, I always put the wood in by hand so that I can open that door and look at my fire. Obviously to each his own and this won't be for everyone. Heck, it might not even be for me..... that remains to be seen.
oh ok so it uses wood? I dont see any good pics of it, I cant get videos on my work pc. Are there pics of it on their website?

I saw an auger in your pics so I figured that was for pellets
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