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Default Myron Mixon's Cupcake Technique

Hi Everyone,

I recently attended Myron Mixon's cooking class (which was awesome, I am going to write up a report of the trip soon).

My weakest meat by far is chicken, and this is primarily from lack of experience.

Myron cooks his chicken by placing the thighs skin down in his cupcake mould and putting some broth in a pan. There are small holes in the mould to let the broth in. He then flips the thighs over and cooks them back-side down.

I just wanted to see if anyone had any input on Myron's approach and cooking style for thighs. I enjoyed the results, but the skin was not quite as crispy as I would like - I really want bite through, but also a little crispy (if that is even a thing!).

Thanks, everyone.
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