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Originally Posted by alfredbot9000 View Post
I received my PBC the other week and it has been great. It's running hotter than I would like, but I want to make sure I'm starting it right.

Here's been my method:

1. Fill Charcoal Basket (since its new I didn't want to start tinkering with amounts of unlit) and return to inside drum.
2. Fill a chimney -
1st cook I used as written on PBC website of 1/4 of the unlit charcoal from basket and I sky rocketed to 350 right after I put my rebar in
2nd cook used a little more than a 1/4 of a chimney full.
3. Wait till coals are ashed over and pour on top of unlit charcoal baset
4. Put in rebar and cover
5.* Both times I've been behind on food prep time, so its usually about 10 min after I've added the coals to the drum before I get my food on, but I do have the rebar and lid on

Both times my temps SKYROCKETED to 350*+. I have my vent at the factory preset, but have had on both occasions had to drop it down to what is closed to get my temp in control and bring my temps closer to 325*.

The only thing that I do that seems different is step 5 in that I've been behind in getting my food on, but the rebar and lid are on while thats happening...can't see that being the reason its getting that hot, but I could be wrong.

I have posted a picture of the factory preset opening.

How are you guys lighting your PBC with a chimney and how is it working out?
I've figured out the problem! Your PBC is on its side, it you stand it upright, it should work put fine.
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