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[QUOTE=RangerJ;2425354]Don't know if you get out toward Jersey Village but I was going to purchase some here. I've never used them so can't vouch for the product.

I have been by that guy's place a number of times, but it's kind of on the other side of town from me (Katy area). Fortunately, my church men's group keeps a couple of cords of dry and a couple of green out back by our big ol' brick smoker so if I run low I can go pluck a few sticks there. Out here in the wilds of western Fort Bend County we get more wood than we can handle donated every time there is a thunderstorm. Last Labor Day just before our annual brisket sale, one guy showed up with a trailer and a pickup bed full of pre-split pecan logs. Lately I have been buying bags of splits from Academy for about $10 that will usually get me through a cook unless I'm doing brisket, which takes two bags on my big offset.
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