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Default Cheesy/herb bread recipe from the BFS throwdown. pRon included.

As promised here is my recipe for the bread I used in my throwdown entry.

This actually started from a recipe I found on line for french bread. From there I have "remade" it into the following recipe that I now call Cheesy/herb bread.

The ingredients:

3.5 Cups Bread flour (divided)
1 pkg active dry yeast
1 TBSP gr. sugar
1 Tsp. salt
5 TBSP EVOO (divided)
2/3 Cup sliced green onions
1 TBSP Chopped Garlic
3 Tsp Crushed rosemary
1 Tsp Granulated onion
3.5 oz Sharp cheddar cheese (divided)
3.5 oz pepper jack cheese (divided)
1 Cup warm water (120-130*)

In a medium sized mixing bowl add 2.5 cups of flour, sugar and salt, blend. Add yeast and blend again, set aside.

Now, in a saute' pan over medium heat, add 4 TBSP of EVOO, sliced green onions and chopped garlic. saute for ~ 2 minutes.

Add the Rosemary and granulated onion, saute ~ another minute.

Remove this from the heat and allow to cool to just warm or room temp. Once this has cooled you can add this along with your warm water to the flour mix, make sure your water is 120-130*, this is what activates your yeast. My hot tap just happens to run right at 130*, which works perfectly.

I use a hard rubber spatula to mix my dough, it gives me a better "feel" for how it is doing, but you can use an electric mixer if you like. At this point you should have a pretty sticky moist dough. Now you want to add additional flour, 1/4 cup at a time, and mix this into your dough just until it is slightly tacky to the touch and easy to handle, dough should be soft.

Now, roll this out of the bowl onto a lightly floured cutting board and knead for about 5 minutes or until smooth and elastic. If dough becomes sticky as you are kneading it, just sprinkle a little more flour onto it. Form dough into a ball.

Now in a large bowl, add your remaining TBSP of EVOO, place doughball into bowl and turn a couple of times to make sure the entire surface is oiled. Now cover loosely and set aside in a warm place to rise, depending on conditions, this may take anywhere from 45 minutes and up to 2 hours.

I use a high-end proofer with my dough to aid in the rising process.

The bowl is under this dishtowel on my stovetop. I have preheated my oven to 350* with a pan of water in there. The vent from my oven is at the back of this set up and provides a little warmth and humidity to aid the rising process, my dough usually doubles in 45 minutes.
While my dough is rising I prep my cheeses. First I grate about an ounce off of each cheese and set aside, this will be used as a garnish later. The remainder of the cheese, I dice up small 1/8-1/4 inch cubes, dust with a little flour, this prevents it from sticking together. Set this aside at room temp until your dough is ready.

When your dough has finished rising, that is, doubled in size

You now need to gently punch down the dough, add your diced cheese, back on to the lightly floured cutting board, and knead the cheese into your dough until evenly blended.

Now doesn't that just look beautiful with all that cheese and herbs blended in. Anyway, now you can make this into your loaf or loaves if you prefer, or make it into dinner rolls, really, whatever you like. For this particular application, I cut away a portion of the dough to make my sandwich roll for the throwdown and the rest I used to make more of a traditional style bread loaf.
If you want to make one large french style loaf you can take this dough, roll it out into a large rectangle, about 16 inches by 8 inches. Starting on the long side, roll up tightly jelly roll style and seal the edges by pinching them into the dough. Then place it onto a cookie sheet that has been greased with shortening and dusted with cornmeal.
You can cut your dough in half and make two small loaves using the same process.
Here is what I did this time:

My sandwich roll

Now again, loosely cover and place in a warm place to rise again. As before you want your dough to double in size. In the photo above you can see that on the loaf I cut a slit the length of the loaf and on the sandwich roll I made several 1/2 inch deep cuts, these are more decorative than functional, but do allow the dough to rise. after cutting the slits I also brushed the loaves with water, I believe this aids in the crust formation. Back into my "special" proofer;

At about an hour and ten minute my loaves have doubled;

As you can see, I then garnished the loaves with the grated cheese and placed in the oven. These went in at 375*. Unfortunately I didn't really watch the time, I was just watching what they were looking like, I would estimate that the sandwich roll was ready at the 12-15 minute mark, and the loaf went maybe another 4-5 minutes. I test them by "thumping" on them, when it sounds hollow, I pull the bread.

I don't usually measure my bread, this was just for throwdown purposes, lol.

Well, I think that's it. I hope you try it, I think it is delicious.

If you have any questions, let me know,

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