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Default Sirloin Tip

Well apparently I have temporarily burned out my family on pork. While we were at Sams last time I picked up a case of sirloin tip roast which I usually cut into steaks and sear on the grill.I have one about 9 1/2Lbs and want to have a little get together this weekend so instead of cutting it into steaks I decided to do the whole thing on the smoker.Problem is ive never cooked one.

My plan is to put a light rub on it the night before and inject it with a little onion soup mix, then cook it at about 250-275 the following day till it hits about 135 IT pull it and wrap it for an hour or so.This sound right? Ive googled it and temps for cooking them and the prep on them is all over the place so I was thinking this would be a middle of the road approach for my first attempt at one.
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