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Originally Posted by Fishawn View Post
The top of it also & maybe some history/story behind it.... It's a beauty for sure .... Appreciate it.

Hi Fishawn. This is a 1960 Weber Galley Que. I have had it for almost 2 years. It was acquired through Ebay. I collect all sorts of colored kettle grills...small and large, and this is just one of many I have. I'm glad Neotrout brought up this small brown Smokey because it finally motivated me to post on your site...I've been a short time lurker and think this site is great...BUT if you have interest in knowing more about vintage Weber stuff, I'm a member over at the WeberKettleClub (.com). This is a site that truly specializes in older vintage Weber items and charcoal grills. There are LOTS of friendly people like me that have many cool vintage grills you may not have known even exist. The cumulative knowledge there is endless and much of it is documented within the site.

Hey Neotrout (neighbor! I grew up around Elmhurst)...thanks again for motivating me to post on this cool Brethern site! Awesome find on that Smokie! Wish I was at that estate sale!
Hope you or any other interested parties have time to visit our growing little site! Stop in and introduce yourself if you like


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