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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
Send an email to Maverick customer support. The address is on their web site or the instructions.

If they offer to send you a replacement probe, be sure it is the right one. They sent me a replacement but I reported difficulty with the cooker probe and they sent me a food probe. I looked back at the email and they said they would send me a food probe. I didn't notice it until too late.

If reseating the connection doesn't help, it is likely a bad probe.
One more update. I pointed out to Maverick CS that they had sent the wrong probe by mistake and apologized that I had not noticed that in the first reply. They replied that it was no mistake. They were out of the cooker probe so they sent me a dual purpose probe that could be used for either. I uncoiled it to check it out and found it had a 6' lead.

For that matter, either probe seems to work fine in either socket so they must both use the same kind of thermocouple (or whatever sensing element they use.)

Count me among the happy users of Maverick products.
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