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Hams and Turkeys can be done in a Reynolds Brining Bag, they can be found around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, but I am sure some stores carry them for the whole year. These can be set in a 5 gallon bucket or a heavy duty roasting pan to keep the bag supported.

I use Meat Tubs with Liners. The Tubs fit into my BBQ refrigerator and the liners make clean-up a breeze. You can easily brine 30 - 40 lb in a single tub.
Click the picture to go to the items..

Meat tubs

Meat tub liners

Other than specifically for ham / turkeys, Brining bags / equipment is subjective to your volume..

I only use food grade items, some do not, it's a personal issue with me.

Small amounts to be brined can be done in doubled ziplock bags, vac-sealed bags, or vacuum containers.

Larger amounts some people use Stainless Steel Steam Table (hotel) pans with food liners made for them.

Some people use 5 gal food grade buckets or stainless steel stock pots as posted above. Food grade buckets can be bought from a home brewing store, or some restaurants / schools that buy pickles in them are happy to give them away.
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