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Default Chicken Suiza and Tortilla Soup With a Twist (pron pron pron)

When my wife and I were first married we worked in a Mexican restaurant in Jamaica Vermont called Pancho Villas. She worked in the kitchen and I worked on the floor. It was my introduction to jalapenos and Mexican food. One of my favorite meals was Enchilada Suizas. This is it along with a chicken soup with sofrito and in honor of the season matzoh balls.

I made a wet rub with olive oil. The Todd's dirt gave it a nice earthy base and kik'n chik'n gave it a bump

I worked my hand under the skin and broke the connective tissue then rubbed the spices right on the meat. The skin just got the oil from my gloved hands.

I set up the WSM without the water pan and put a drip pan under the chix to catch the drippings. I wasn't getting the temps I wanted so I used a trick I learned here. It did the trick.

The birds were tasty, the skin was bite through, but not crispy. The temps started to drop a little the last half hour. Next time I'll use more briquettes.

I made a broth for the soup from the carcases

The ingredients for the Suisa sauce. Not pictured is an onion.

The sofrito for the soup

The peppers are from a batch of Hatch chiles I roasted and put up last August

Thanks for looking.
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