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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post
Looks great! Not sure why though, is it big enough to add/remove food from the lower grate? I guess for chix pieces or ABT's or something it would work great, and I guess it wouldn't let all the heat out of the dome.
Does it seal properly? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just dubious of "Mods for mods sake", but this one does look like it could be a valuable addition as long as it doesn't compromise the temperature control.
I'm pretty sure I could get out a brisket flat or point pretty easy since they are thin one way. Just turn it up on it's edge and pull it out. I am 90% sure I could get the last butt I smoked out of there too, and it was about a 5 pounder. It wasn't what I'd call narrow, but it was definitely cut where it seems it would've fit through the door. I just hate pulling off the top grate to get at the bottom meat whenever I need to and this seemed the best option given I got the door for free and had all the tools and hardware already.

And I haven't smoked on it yet, but I don't imagine it will affect temperature all that much, and it seems to be sealing pretty well. If not, I am going to try and find some kind of stick on sealing material that can take the heat. I don't know if there is an oven type thing that is like that, but I guess I'll be finding out if I need something like that next time I use it. Hoping it doesn't though and proves this mod to be a good thing for sure. Also gotta test how it affects the thermometer readings, although if it seals properly I don't imagine it would make one bit of difference.

BTW, the rib rack picture it looks like the door isn't sealing at all. That was before I did the bending. It sits flush now.
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