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Default Adding a Door to the Mini WSM

Well I did it finally and got up the nerve to cut a big ole hole in my tamale pot to hang the door that I got off a display Brinkmann smoker for free. Used my Dremel with the reinforced cutting wheel to do the majority of the straight cuts and used the round sanding attachment to notch out the corners. The sanding attachment was the perfect size that matched the curve of the cardboard I used to get the cut pattern onto the pot. I'm lucky that I have a Brinkmann electric smoker that has the same door so I was able to use that for the pattern of the door hole and the screw holes.

The curve of the door wasn't enough so I had to do some hand bending there but it was really easy since it's aluminum and everything mated up pretty awesome. I have a pretty tight fit but I'm yet to see if I get any smoke loss through the door. If so I am going to be back here posting something up about how to seal the door. Maybe there is a product that has a sticky side that is heat resistant that I could use if it does leak.

I am excited though, it is definitely nice to not have to pull everything off the top rack to get at the bottom rack if you need to, and I am pretty sure you could pull out a pretty big boston butt out the door hole too. The bottom of the door is RIGHT at being level with the bottom rack which is really nice. I didn't really plan that, but lucky it worked out to be like that. I think it makes the little smoker look a lot more factory made too, which kinda fits me since I am so damn OCD! LOL.

Anywho, I got some Rustoleum Caliper paint out of the automotive section at Walmart. Anyone ever used this stuff? Didn't know if I needed to add a primer coat to the pot or not since it is aluminum and this paint is usually put on vehicle calipers which are steel. I wanna get a really slick coat that is almost as good at the lid and base, but I know that probably won't happen. I'd like to get real close though!

Here's the pictures though -

Also got me a new toy for the mini. It's a rib rack which will be super nice since I usually had only enough space for one whole slab that I cut in half. Now I can get a good many more half slabs on there.

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