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First off- good looking' eats in anyones book!
Good job.

I do have some questions, though, if anyone could help.

1. First, picking out a brisket. How do I get a good one? (This week was practice, and the big performance is Easter dinner)

For "when it counts" try for Choice quality. Marbleizing will be a lot more consistent. Better quality in--better quality out.

2. My family likes their brisket "extra moist". Just cook it less?

Moisture is not a function of cook time (within reason). Texture is. For moisture, you need to inject or brine. Do a search here--lots of info on injecting brisket in particular. In addition, if your finish in foil (smart thing), save back the juice in the foil. Slice or chop the meat as desired and add back those YUMMY juices with rub and/or sauce as desired. Quickest way to moist brisket.

3. In one thread, someone said they don't pull at 190, but when it "feels right". I have no idea what that means!!!

"Feels right" is a learned state. A thermo probe, toothpick, fork, or whatever, should go in with minimal resistance and it should feel like "butta". If you pick it up in the middle, it should freely droop to both sides without falling apart (good luck with that one). If you want to stick with temps--try 190 to 200 IN THE POINT for recreational Que. 190 to 195 IN THE FLAT will work at home, just fine

Exciting to do the first "big one" HUH?

good luck.

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