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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
With the "no knead" idea generally I'm not sure you would EVER get windowpane dough ?? It was only my second try in recent history, it was "ok" but nothing to rave about, still finding my way :-).
I think by the end of the no knead you should be able to get a pretty good windowpane. The act of the yeast slowly working on the rise forms the gluten instead of actually using physical kneading to do it. Also creates less oxidation in the dough too which is supposedly a good thing for getting higher proofing.

Next time try a high protein AP like King Arthur or a bread flour. Makes a world of difference in my breads at least. Good flavor, rise, and browning!

Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
i'm playing with a high gluten flour from RD currently, but i had VERY good results
with heckers:
I'm a huge King Arthur flour guy and usually always use their AP and bread flour. I get my best rises and end results from them even though they are slightly higher in price. If I need to save money I'll buy Gold Medal, but honestly with all the effort that goes into good bread and pizza it's really worth the extra $2.50 a bag if you ask me.

I'll have to look up that Heckers though for sure!
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