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First, picking out a brisket. How do I get a good one
Pick one that's flexible in the package, and has a nice fat cap that isn't too thick.

2. My family likes their brisket "extra moist". Just cook it less?
This is the tricky part of brisket, more done=more tender, less done=more juice. Finding that perfect balance is the trick, it's gets easier when you've done a few.

3. In one thread, someone said they don't pull at 190, but when it "feels right". I have no idea what that means!!!
Some people feel how flexible the brisket is (floppier=doner), others use a fork to stab the brisket and see if you can twist the fork in the tender area of the meat. Still others use a thermometer probe to check how easily it inserts into the meat.

I recommend you try all of these when you cook briskets and you'll have the hang of it in no time.
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