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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
Did you get a good windowpane with the cake flour? I've tried to make one pizza with White Lily which is pretty much cake flour and it just never turned into pizza dough, wasn't strong enough and didn't have the high protein like bread flours do. Please post up your results, I may need to give the ole White Lily again.
With the "no knead" idea generally I'm not sure you would EVER get windowpane dough ?? It was only my second try in recent history, it was "ok" but nothing to rave about, still finding my way :-). My dough may have been on the cool side generally. I will try GP flour next time. Next time I think I will try more of a wet mix first (75% of the flour) then work in the remaining 25%.

I found the large block of yeast at a local market that has a lot of bulk foods, if you have a local Amish population (dunno if you have then in New England hehe) find the bulk food stores that cater to them and you will find all kinds of stuff pretty cheap in bulk, spices esp.

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