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Found some matches.
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I have a Cypress, and have used it 50-60 times with no issues. As stated in a previous post, make sure the door on the bottom is sealed tight. as for the grates, the new models grate can be flipped and another grate added on top. Overall its not a BGE then again, its half the price.
I purchased mine last week from Lowes. Smoked a brisket yesterday. Smoked for seven hours and didn't have to do much to keep it at 225. I did notice that my top vent was leaking from the bottom. Has anyone had this problem? There was steady stream of smoke coming from the bottom of the top vent when I had it completley close. I was thinking about removing the top vent, adding a bead of JB Weld to the neck of the cooker, and then putting the top vent back on? Any thoughts? I will be using JB Weld for the bottom vent.

Two things I was slightly disappointed with. I filled the fire bowl to the top with coal. After seven hours, I had used almost all of it. I was under the impression that it was more efficient than that. With that said, I think that was due to the air flow and leaks. I'll try it again and report back.

Way off topic any of you ever use a water pan when smoking brisket? I tried for the first time and it was almost too moist. I'm being very picky here. It was good no doubt, but there is always room for improvement!
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