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Default Pizza at 900F

Folks, we did 3 pizzas yesterday and measured the results:

When the KK reached ~900F (very little heat soak other than coming up to temp) it took just over 5 minutes (could have cooked a little longer--but it was still good).

The next pie went on at ~750F (although the temps did shoot back up) and took slightly less time.

We held off on the last pizza until I started getting those "I'm still hungry looks" from the crowd and it was slightly over-cooked at ~900F at ~3 minutes.

With the pizza stone, a 45-minute heat soak at ~900F would likely yield a good pizza in about 3 minutes or slightly less.

My wife said we did a thin crust pizza recently at ~700F and it took about ~7 minutes.

I suppose the heat soak (and maybe crust depth) could be the missing variable.

To be clear, this is the first time we have ever cooked more than one pizza on the KK (over the last ~3 years). Regardless, in our normal mode of operation, we typically get the KK up to temp (~900F), throw on the pie, and enjoy a great pizza in about 6 minutes.
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