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Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
but it cooks absolutely no better than a BGE or a KJ at five times the price. I guarantee you it isn't half the smoker a basic UDS setup is.
I find it hard to believe you don't know that a super insulated cooker performs better than a glazed ceramic pot or a basic UDS..

From the well respected Naked Whiz website..
Naked Whiz Review
Cooker Efficiency
"One of the tests that we have performed in the past using a large Big Green Egg, a Kamado Joe classic cooker, and our 2006 Komodo Kamado is to heat the cooker up to 400F, controlled by a BBQ Guru temperature controller, and then measure the surface temperature of the cooker at various locations on the dome or lid after 2.5 hours.

We used a BBQ Guru ProCom4 controller to keep the cooker at 400 degrees (dome temperature) for 2.5 hours. We then measured the surface temperature of the cooker at various locations on the dome, from the lower edge up to the upper vent, using a Type K thermocouple precision surface probe. The temperature of the dome on the Egg varied from 180 degrees at the lower edge of the dome to 245 degrees at the top of the dome near the upper vent. The Komodo Kamado was fairly constant around the lower part of the dome, from 150F to 155F. (There is no insulating layer around the lower edge as this is where the internal band is and structural refractory material is required to hold the band.) Higher up on the dome where there is an insulating layer, the temperatures were lower, approximately 130F. At the very top of the dome near the chimney, the temperature was a mere 125F.

So while the dome of the Egg was scorching hot to the touch, you could leave your hand anywhere on the Komodo Kamado's dome for at least a couple of seconds. Clearly the Komodo Kamado is keeping far more heat inside the cooker and of course, the exterior of the Komodo Kamado stays at a lower temperature should one come into contact with it." End Quote.

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Do these things hold heat at 235 for 85 hours without any more fuel? since the walls on one of those ovens is pretty darn thick and this thing doesn't look much thicker than a BGE.
One 20lb bowl of charcoal burned for 85 hours, the walls are almost 2" thick with, vermiculite, high tech Aerogel and an acrylic insulation with ceramic spheres. You can easily touch outside when the dome temp is 750 The 23" weighs 588 lbs and the 32" weighs 954 lbs (128 of that 304 Stainless)
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