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Originally Posted by Q-Dat View Post
If I were you, I would try to avoid Sanderson Farms on this. Every bag of quarters that I have ever gotten from them is VERY inconsistent. You regularly find tiny and huge quarters in the same bag.

Marshall Durbin is much more consistent in my experience. They will also be inconsistent sometimes, but nothing like SF.

If you can find them, Cagle's Brand is my favorite. They are on the smaller side amd very consistent, but priced about the same as the others. You usually see Cagle's at stores that get their groceries through AWG.
I found your comment on the Sanderson Farms brand interesting. My go to grocery carries that brand exclusively. I buy 10# bags of them when they go on special and they are usually spot on at 1# each/10 per bag. I have never gotten more than 11 quarters in a 10# bag.

Another local grocery carries a brand called Country Pride, and I have had as few as 13 and as many as 19 quarters in a 10# bag.

I bought 2 bags of the Sanderson Farms last week. Paid $4.90/10# bag.

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