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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by superlazy View Post
I used to get great whole smoked beef bones for Zeus and Athena(lab/wolf? & a pure white Sheppard) yrs back from a local feed store. Well feed store went under but a local butcher started smoking sections of leg bones. Not as good but dogs loved them. Sadly both dogs have past on from old age

I bring this up because we are once again looking about buying a whole cow
and I want to keep some bones for stock and to smoke for Lilly and Loki( Bull Mastiff & I have no clue what Loki is)

So If $$ goes well and I do this, how do I smoke them properly?

If none of this makes sense I blame it on the the cold I can't shake

I have never smoked bones for the dogs.

I do know that cooked bones will splinter and can cause serious problems.
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