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Do these things hold heat at 235 for 85 hours without any more fuel? I saw that temperature a few pages back and was wondering. If so, that is heat retention along the lines of a domed Neapolitan pizza oven and that would be impressive since the walls on one of those ovens is pretty darn thick and this thing doesn't look much thicker than a BGE. I'd like to see a pizza some out of it at 900 degrees and see how it cooks. It it can hold high temps in the dome then this this might be a viable smaller and portable alternative to a wood fired oven and still offer the ability to smoke low and slow. All on one setup, although pricey. Then again, a wood fired oven isn't exactly cheap to build or buy either along with having to buy a separate smoker.

Just throwing that out there and I may be completely mistaken in my thought process.
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