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Some of the UDS users here will be cranky when you mention using a water pan though
Oh well. That's the way I learned (ECB) so I will try the other ways as well and see how it goes.

I welded some uprights in my basket, the diffuser sit on top...
Cool Idea. Might have to try that if the adjustable shelves don't work out.

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling after about a dozen or so cooks you won't want to be sliding the rack supports in and out.
You got that right. They'll probably be so caked and seasoned they won't come out. Of course I'll be removing them all the time to put the basket in so, they'll just be sticky and well coated with drippings. Nothing a couple of latex gloves won't take care of. I usually wear a pair anytime I mess with the water pan anyways.

Thanks for the critiques Brethren. Keep it coming.

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