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Default Chief's UDS Build

First off I want to say thank you to anyone that has posted pics of their UDS'. I have gotten a ton of ideas, incorporated some and tried to come up with my own. This has been an ongoing project as I am constantly looking to do stuff. I also have a 30g that will be getting started here soon now that the 55g is just about complete. Anyway, here is a link to the entire project on my Photobucket account:

Here are a couple of pics out of the so far 73 that I've taken.

The drum. New and unlined.

My completed charcoal basket. I used this to perform my first welds ever. Figured if they didn't turn out good, they wouldn't be seen.

I welded the Weber lid to the drum lid and cut the center out. I'm still learning how to weld so I had a lot of burn through and came up with this idea to seal and smooth the joint between the two up. It worked great.

Here is a shot of the underside of the lid. I put some fiberglass rope gasket around the drum lid channel to make for an air tight seal.

The completed lid with a fresh coat of primer.

First time lighting it to get a good seasoning.

Messing around with ideas I have seen and incorporated an adjustable shelf system. 18" rails with 1" increments. Water pan is from my ECB. I can use this, a diffuser, or nothing. All depends on what I want to smoke and how to smoke it. A huge thanks to fellow Brethren savageford for that idea.

So that's where she's at. Any comments, questions, ideas, etc are always welcomed. Thank you again for all the help and ideas.

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