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When the judge completes the app, a confirmation of receipt is automatically emailed back to them reminding them when judge selection will occur and giving contact info for me in case they discover later that they cannot judge and want to withdraw.

On the selection date, I email each judge notifying them that they have been chosen and that they must verify with me by return email or phone that they still wish to judge within a week. During that week I repeat the process as needed with other judges to fill any vacancies created by dropouts.

After the verification week I assign all confirmed judges to tables and email the seating chart along with the event schedule, judge meeting time, parking instructions, etc. A note is made that this is the provisional arrangement pending any last minute cancellations, and judges are assured they they do have an assigned seat and should make their travel arrangements.

The weekend before the event date I send out a final email with the final seat assignments and another copy of the event packet, along with a plea to please phone me immediately if they should get sick or have some other emergency that prevents them from fulfilling their committment to attend.

With this system every judge receives a minimum of four emails from the date they sign up until a week before the contest. (More if they have contacted me with specific questions.) I find that maintaining this constant communication makes the judges feel more comfortable that they know what is going on and practically eliminates the problems associated with more judges than you can use or worse, not enough CBJs to fill the tables.

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Oh and a couple other things I forgot to mention:
ALL judges are notified on the selection date. Those that weren't chosen are thanked, encouraged to try again next year and assured they will be considered to fill in for any cancellations.
The comments area is also useful for judges to let me know if they have special needs. For example, it has been used to ask about handicapped access and if their is an area nearby to park an RV.

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