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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
That looks terrific......did you make the sauce or was it a bottled sauce?

I used bottled sauce. The oyster sauce was used on the rice. Although bottled, tasted pretty great. I have to tone down some on the kung pao sauce, it was a bit high in sodium and I'm feeling the results right now. After a few cooks I may venture in making my own.

Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
That is an absolutely sensational first time effort!

Gorgeous work, and your comments above are spot on.
How long was the wok over the fire before you first started cooking?
Oh, and welcome to the obsession!
Maybe, 3-4 minutes? Thanks! Obsession it is, I'm thinking of chop suey next time. Or a dish with water chestnuts, moo goo gai pan.
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