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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Hey Bull

My $0.02:

I think pizza making should be relatively easy and more nutritional.

Like others, I usually use the "no knead" (a.k.a. Mark Bittman) method for making dough (letting it sit at room temperature overnight). Then I just pull it out into a more or less round shape on a greased cookie sheet. Then onto a hot grill without a pan, stone or anything then turn it over after a minute then add remaining topping ingredients (while on the grill).

A food processor can also make good/easy pizza dough more quickly as can a stand mixer.

The main criteria, like others have already mentioned, is defining what you want in a crust.

I like mine relatively thin but substantial in nutrients and crusty. For me, nothing beats Indian "atta" flour. The bad thing is you got to find an Indian grocery store to purchase it. Look for atta that is 100% whole wheat durum. It's cheap (like $1/pound) and highly nutritional. Probably the best choice for diabetics too (like me).

The only thing better than atta is grinding your own. Which is what I'm just learning to do.

Excellent post Mark.
One reason Atta flour is so good is the dryness of the agricultural product, so I recommend Aussie flour if it is available as man it is good for pizza.
Also as a point of interest, Bittman and Lahey are riding the "no knead" fashion and I love their work but no knead as a method is ancient, and was also highly fashionable some 60 years ago.
It develops great flavor, but profit margins and storage issues and technology to speed things along in the business keep seeing it sidelined.
At home, it is absolutely the way to go for us!
If you're saucing your brisket, I bet you're still putting lolly water in your spirits..
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