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Originally Posted by silverfinger View Post
I was trying to get my older brother to come over with his family so I could have some genie pigs to try my new cook on. Lol. Still waiting for the answer. His wife won't eat pork. A religious thing and she kind of freaks about medium rare beef. You know, the one you have to cook it till you can't find any pink and you probably would have been better off handing her a bag of beef jerky. Lol
Anyway, I asked him if she's ever ate lamb? He said no but her family cooked a goat in the ground once. I said , that's the same thing, right? He disagreed. I'm thinking goat, lamb and sheep are basically the same thing right? Or, am I wrong here?
Wrong SF, way wrong.
Goat is super lean whereas lamb is fatty. Mutton is also fatty but far gamier.
They are worlds apart.
The great thing about lamb/mutton is, it is delicious all the way from rare to well done.
Its a very forgiving meat.
Goat needs far more care.

Titch gave some good pointers, and I also love that chef, what a top bloke also.
It seems you never really leave high school....
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