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just a quick story on that. i was the mercedes dealership trouble shooter.
so i get this newish car that is not running correctly in the morning. now this is back in like '74 or so. carbs are still in use. so any way i go and read the manual. then i read again. go out and adjust. no good. repeat many more times. still no go. so finally out of fustration i get a coke sit down and read it word for word while picturing what i need to do and what i had done. then i come to a small thing that said"and continue to hold". !!!!!!!! that was it, i had not been continuing to hold a small lever in a certain position. went out and did it correctly and that fixed it. this really bothered me so i made a vow to myself that i still follow today. i follow directions. i read them. i read maps and such. nothing like a foolish lost man.
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