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Default Leg of lamb!! Now at SAMs club!!

Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
I do my ribs in the 275~300 range. Unfoiled, no mop, no spritz and no sauce. Last couple BB cooks I did 325 which made some really GREAT pig honey on them.
I do mine at 220 the same way.
Takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hrs to get them just where I want them.

So for the lamb it might work taking my temp to 230 to 235 to get the same results your getting!!

The kamado I have, and I believe it's because the way it's insulated, I need to keep my temps lower to get the same results as others do depending what they are smoking on.

I hope that makes sense,
And thanks for taking the Time to answer my questions!!

You too Aussie and all the other Brethren that has helped out here!!! This is going to be a real fun cook!!!
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