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Default Pizza and a little pr0n

I tried using buckwheat mixed with the white flour.
Buckwheat is the worlds healthiest wheat, it is insanely good for you but still, I used it.
I found it made the crust far far breadier.
I also made my first Chikago style pizza and man do I need advice.
I had not read anything , I just winged it.
The problems were, the mushrooms did not cook in the filling, well, they didn't cook enough would be more accurate.
The crust was overcooked on the exposed parts but under it was bready and nice but not crispy.
The sauce was a commercial one.
I almost never use them but time issues, and I won't be using it again.
I need a tutorial on how it works, is the pie dish hot when you start, is anything pre cooked?

The "Fresh" pizza was bloody delish!
Pancetta, shallots, Moz and bocconcini, fresh tomatoes and basil

This also had the buckwheat base and was pretty good but again, a little too bread like and not enough chew.
thanks for any and all suggestions folks!
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