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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
Add my vote for a Weber gasser - the traditional ones. Continue to watch CL for some deals. There are a lot around here and who knows, you might even find someone giving one away. (I got a Genesis Silver B with upgraded SS grates and flavorizers and propane tank for free.)

Things to look for:
- Grate - porcelain coated steel is not overly durable. I much prefer SS or CI.
- Flavorizers - Weber makes SS and PC (porcelain coated) and PC is not durable.
- Warped fire box - likely result of a grease fire when unattended.
- rust through on the frame to the left side of the fire box. Seems to be a problem with some years. I've seen it on the first ones with the thermometer in the middle of the hood.
- some of the higher end models have a liner inside the hood which probably makes them a little more efficient.
- choose propane or natural gas. Regardless of what the seller says, Weber no longer sells conversion kits.
- check the crossover tube for the burners as that's the part that seems to fail first. I'm not sure if you can get that by itself of need to buy the entire set.
- If you get an older propane grill, be wary of the quick disconnect WRT getting replacement tanks or getting tanks filled. It is probably a good idea to check with a local propane dealer to see what the local situation is as it will be covered by state law. An old tank may not be so much a liability however as exchange places may exchange them regardless. (I took a couple old non-conforming tanks to Menards and pointed out the age and valves and lack of OPD and they shrugged and exchanged them anyway.)

Worn out 'wear items' such as grates and flavorizers are not necessarily a liability. You just need to know what the costs are going to be when you negotiate purchase price. And you get to choose better stuff like SS parts which will last you longer.

I have a Silver A (two burner) that's about 12 years with SS flavorizers and CI grate that is one of the most used grills in my arsenal. Even when I'm using charcoal, it's great to have handy for keeping food warm as it comes off the kettle (particularly when the cold winter winds blow!)

Or spend $$$ and buy a shiny new one, get the factory warranty and enjoy!
Thanks, thats all good to know
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