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A lot of people here are talking about two different cookers. It is the Komodo Kamado that was the original post. I have owned one now for 3 years and love it. It has 3 grates that are all heavy duty stainless steel. They can go in various heights, including up into the dome. You can do very large cooks. You can have it with the fire exposed, partially indirect or fully indirect. A plug is built into the cooker for a Stoker or BBQ Guru. You can also get the rotisserie basket and it fits right into the cooker.

Dennis Linkletter is the owner, he lives in Bali. He is a first rate guy and is very passionate about his product and stands behind them 100%! You have to go through him to get one. There are no other dealers. He brings them into California from Bali. He has a warehouse there and ships them around the country.

The build quality far exceeded my expectations even though it was pricey and my expectations were high. Even the way they are crated is first rate.

You can smoke cheese to grill pizza and any or everything inbetween. Any body that is considering one of these will not be disappointed with there purchase.

I also have a traeger and a gas grill but over all I use the KK. It's a conversation piece in our yard and much more attractive then my other two!

I live in Oregon in the metro area and if anyone wants to peek at one in this area they are welcome to.

Wow, sorry about the rant. Some people just seemed negative and kind of unkind to Lobsterbake. I have seen his posts on the Komodo Kamado forum and he's very excited about his purchase and going on vacation to Bali.

Have a fabulous trip and you are going to love your new KK, I promise!!!
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